UCL Centre for Digital Innovation


Innovation Ecosystem

The Innovation Ecosystem unites UCL's internal and external entrepreneurial community to cultivate an environment for impactful innovation across UCL and beyond.

Are you dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and steering promising startups towards success? Be a part of our innovation ecosystem – a collaborative network that unites various UCL departments and external organisations to harness our collective expertise and resources to propel digital innovation and create lasting positive impact. 

The innovation ecosystem cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset among students and faculties by promoting a range of entrepreneurial activities, opportunities, and accessible support available through UCL and its collaborators. 

Our aim is the facilitate the growth of ventures and provide a clear roadmap for the expansion of different stage startups by outlining opportunities for their journey. We achieve this by championing our diverse accelerator cohorts, organising industry networking events and facilitating collaboration between UCL entrepreneurs and departments. 

These initiatives and programmes empower stakeholders to engage, share insights, and leverage each other's strengths - ultimately nurturing an environment ripe for transformative innovation within the UCL community and extending its reach beyond.

The innovation ecosystem is delighted to count on the following UCL departments and external organisations as contributors:

  • UCL Innovation & Enterprise
  • UCLB
  • UCL Tech Fund
  • UCL Computer Science
  • UCL School of Management
  • UCL Disability Innovation Hub
  • UCL Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education
  • UCL Institute for Healthcare Engineering
  • UCL EdTech Labs
  • UCL Partners

Wider Innovation Ecosystem members

  • Albion VC 
  • Octopus Ventures 
  • Capital Enterprise 
  • Intersystems 
  • Penington Law 
  • Conception X 

Get involved 

We are always looking for new collaboration partners. If your department is interested in joining the innovation ecosystem, please contact us via email cdi-info@ucl.ac.uk.