UCL Centre for Digital Innovation


Become a mentor

The CDI mentorship programme pairs experts with startups and entrepreneurs to share insights and provide guidance.

Our mentors play an integral role in the CDI innovation ecosystem and provide expert support to some of UCL’s and the UK’s most promising researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and decision-makers to thrive. 

We invite mentors to explore a variety of support formats including the opportunity to deliver CDI Accelerator workshops, supporting select PhD students and/or providing dedicated hours during drop-in clinics for entrepreneurs or PhD students. 

We’re looking for individuals with significant business experience (5 years or more) to provide advice, industry expertise and personal connections.

You could be a:

  • Professional working in marketing, finance, e-commerce, UX/UI, engineering, etc.
  • Current or former entrepreneur
  • Leader within your organisation
  • Researcher or an academic with subject specific knowledge (e.g., AI, machine learning, pedagogy)
  • Retired senior executive 

As a mentor, you will:

  • Guide your mentee in strategic thinking and empower them to solve their own challenges.
  • Act as a trusted advisor, spotting issues, and offering ideas instead of giving orders.
  • Make a real impact on your mentee's professional growth and their new venture.

The perks of mentoring include:

  • Fostering innovation through fresh ideas.
  • Improving your mentoring skills and communication.
  • Joining a vibrant community of innovators and exclusive events.
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibility and volunteering.

Get in touch 

Applications to become a mentor are accepted on a rolling basis. Contact us at cdi-info@ucl.ac.uk to start your onboarding process as a mentor.