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UCL Connected Learning Internships

UCL Connected Learning Internships are fully funded full and part-time opportunities working with UCL departments.

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To help ensure that UCL students have the best learning experience at UCL, the Arena Centre and UCL Careers are offering ‘Connected Learning Internships’ for UCL students. These are fully funded remote/online opportunities for 70 hours per role during Summer 2021. The internships will be undertaken between 12 July 2021 and 27 August 2021.

Opportunities can be applied for via myUCLCareers from 4-21 May 2021.

Benefits to Departments

The Connected Learning Internships will enable departments to engage with students, to support the changes required for next year. This could include technical support for remote teaching; consultancy on content for welcome activities; developing resources to support the transition of new and returning students to the new offer for 2021; support to develop products or enhancements that will enrich the student experience in 2021; staff – student collaborations for the evaluation of teaching content in preparation for the new academic year. The internships are open to all departments across UCL – academic and professional services.

Benefits to Students

These opportunities will enable UCL students to gain some experience to add to their CV. Students who undertake the internships will have a designated supervisor within the hiring department. They will also be asked to complete a self-reflective tool and have the opportunity to discuss how the internship has supported their employability skill development, with a UCL Careers consultant. This will also enable students to reflect on how the experience could be articulated to future employers.

Internship Details

We are offering a range of internships across UCL in both academic and professional service departments. You will be able to apply for these opportunities via myUCLCareers – they will be advertised under the UCL Connected Learning scheme. Please look through the details and apply for the opportunities that you feel are most suited to your skill set, experience and motivations. You will be able to apply for up to two opportunities (although only one opportunity will be offered to students if they are selected).

Key Requirements

Applicants must be current UCL students and able to commit time to enable the internship to be completed during the period specified and as agreed with the host UCL department. The internships will  be conducted online/remotely, so applicants must ensure that they have the ability and circumstances to be able to carry out the work in this way.

Specific Skills Required

All applicants will be expected to have a good level of communication skills, be able to work independently (and remotely) and be able to manage their time appropriately to complete tasks within the given time-frame. In addition, each internship will have specific requirements. Please see the various role descriptors for each internship via myUCLCareers during the application period.


London Living Wage.


70 hours either full-time or part-time (20 hours maximum per week for PG Tier 4 students) to be undertaken between 12 July and 27 August 2021.

Application / Deadline

To apply, please see the UCL Connected Learning Internship scheme on myUCLCareers from 4 May 2021. Deadline for applications is 21 May 2021.

View and apply via myUCLCareers

Get the most out of the experience

As the Connected Learning Internships are designed not only for you to undertake some work experience and gain some income, but also to help you get the most out of the experience to help you apply for future roles, please see information about ‘Goal Setting and Reflections’. You are strongly encouraged to complete this and once your internship has finished you will also have the opportunity of speaking with a Recruitment & Selection Advisor about future applications or a Careers Consultant about your experience or for further guidance around your future career aspirations. We would recommend exploring our website to find out more about getting One to One Advice. 

If you get an internship offer

Congratulations on your offer as a Connected Learning Intern!

Please read the Student Guide for further information about the internships, additional resources, and contact points in case you have questions.

We hope you have a successful internship! After the internship period we will invite you to complete a short survey about your experience, and you will receive an invite to a focus group to discuss this further with members of the Connected Learning Internships team.