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Why intern abroad?

Students who go abroad are:
  • 5% more likely to gain a 1st degree after the mobility
  • 7% more likely to be in 'graduate' jobs six months after graduation
  • 6.5% higher wage earners six months after graduation[1]

In 2019, 107 UCL students visited over 30 different countries as part of the Global Internships Programme. As organisations across the world increasingly seek graduates with global experience, an internship abroad can kick-start your global career and enable you to:

Explore a new environment

Anyone who has lived or worked abroad will tell you that there is no quicker way to learn about the nuances of that culture than immersion; from the local business culture to food and social customs. 

Develop your transferable skills

Communication, creativity, resilience and leadership are skills valued highly by global employers[2]. Experience working abroad can develop these skills and help you stand out from the crowd in future job applications.

[2] QS Global Employer Survey 2018

Expand your international network

Working outside of your immediate domestic environment will expand your network of professional contacts, creating connections and lifelong friendships that could lead to a global career.

Gain an in-depth insight into a sector

Whether you're exploring an industry you're already acquainted with or trying out something new, an internship abroad can give you a whole new insight into the way businesses work; from multinationals operating on a global scale to SMEs looking to expand locally.

...it could even help you learn a new language!

From learning some friendly basics to building on existing knowledge, you could spend some of your time abroad learning the local language. You might even be inspired to continue once you return home!

Next Steps

Whilst we would encourage all those who are interested to consider the opportunity, we also know that there is much more to working abroad than meets the eye. Explore our different pages to research the finer points of an internship experience overseas, including:

  • About the programme will tell you all you need to know about the Global Internships Programme, including the exclusive opportunities for UCL students
  • For support on how to find an internship, see the Finding a global internship page.
  • The Prepare to go section will help you understand about all the things you need to think about when applying for and undertaking overseas internships.
  • Need some financial assistance? Have a look at the Funding page for information about the options available to you.

[1] Gone International: Expanding Opportunities. Report on the 2015-16 graduating cohort. https://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk/International/Documents/Gone%20International_expanding%20opportunities_digital.pdf

[2] QS Global Employer Survey 2018 www.qs.com/portfolio-items/the-global-skills-gap-in-the-21st-century