UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Centre for Morphology and Structural Heart Disease


Lead:  Prof Andrew Cook

Group Members: Miss Chloe Li (PhD student), Miss Vaish Sabarigirivasan (MBPhD student). Adrian Crucean, George Belitsis & Aigerim Mullen (Hon lecturers)

Location: Research Dept of Children's Cardiovascular Disease, Zayed Centre for Research, 20 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1DZ


Our group focusses on the structural architecture of the heart in congenital and acquired disease from embryonic/fetal development through to adulthood.

At a cross-cutting level we provide expertise and advice on cardiovascular structure for a wide range of projects from animal models, prenatal diagnosis and treatment, to surgery; to anatomy for device design or simulation.

Specific areas of current research are: Deep-phenotyping of congenital and structural heart disease with current focus on heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy); Single ventricle disease; tetralogy of Fallot; and animal models of disease. Novel research techniques developed or in use in our lab include synchrotron-based multiscale or Hierarchical Phase-Contrast Tomography (HiP-CT); Contrast enhanced microCT; and High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy; and Virtual/Immersive Reality education.

We work closely with medical device developers, helping them to understand variations in morphologic substrates in advance of device design, testing and pre-implant training.

Throughout the year, we run discrete modules for iBSC and MSc degrees in Cardiovascular Science and run short courses. We can design bespoke courses for organisations and external companies on request.


Our unit was instrumental in the development of both adult and paediatric echocardiographic training simulators. We provide the anatomic expertise to ensure the model is anatomically accurate.

Contact details: a.cook@ucl.ac.uk

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