UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Centre for Morphology and Structural Heart Disease

ICS Cardiac Morphology Group


Lead: Dr Andrew Cook

Group Members: Mr Vi Tran, Dr Patricia Garcia Canadilla, Mr Saad Ahmad 

Location: 1st Floor Welcome Trust Building, Institute of Child Health, 30 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1EH



Our group focusses on the structural architecture of the heart in congenital and acquired disease from development through to adulthood.

At a cross-cutting level we provide expertise and advice on cardiovascular structure for a wide range of projects from animal models, prenatal diagnosis and treatment to anatomy for device design or simulation.

Specific areas of current research are: Multimodal micro-imaging of cardiac structure using micro-computed tomography, phase-contrast synchrotron and diffusion tensor imaging; deep-phenotyping of heart defects in mutant mouse embryos using high throughput, high-resolution 3D imaging (www.dmdd.org.uk).

We work closely with various medical device developers, helping them to understand the potential variations and relationships of cardiac structures in advance, so that they can be taken into account prior to device design, testing and implantation.

Throughout the year, we run regular Hands-on Cardiac Morphology courses, as well as discrete modules for iBSC and MSc degrees in Cardiovascular Science. We can provide bespoke courses for organisations and external companies on request.



Our unit was instrumental in the development of a computer animated virtual heart model which has been turned into anatomic and echocardiographic training simulators. We provided the expertise and initial framework to ensure the model was anatomically accurate.

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Contact details: a.cook@ucl.ac.uk


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