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Honorary Contracts - Process and Panel Dates

With UCL's new Honorary Contracts process and procedure, ICS have organised a committee that meet every 2 months to review applications. This page will illustrate the process and panel dates.

With UCL's new Honorary Contracts process and procedure, the institute have organised a committee that meet every 2 months to review applications.

An honorary appointment is a voluntary arrangement which allows individuals from other institutions and businesses, or who have retired, to collaborate with staff at UCL.

An Honorary title may be conferred upon a person who will contribute to the academic, teaching or research programmes of UCL or to other programmes which benefit the University. The title appointed will reflect their current academic or professional standing at their substantive organisation. The UCL Academic Career Framework sets out the expected performance of each role, and it may assist in determining the equivalent honorary title. Honorary appointments will not receive any remuneration. An Honorary cannot be appointed if they have any type of open assignment on MyHR. Once appointed as an Honorary, they may be hired separately to undertake a one-off piece of work (up to three times a year) where this does not create a conflict of interest with their substantive employer.

The UCL HR policy relating to the honorary appointments can be found by following the below link: 


The dates illustrated below provide the dates of the panel meetings and the cut-off dates of when completed applications need to be received by the ICS HR team (ics.hr@ucl.ac.uk);

Panel Dates

Application cut-off dates

11th July 20234th July 2023
12th September 20235th September 2023
14th November 20237th November 2023
9th January 20242nd January 2024
12th March 20245th March 2024
14th May 20247th May 2024
9th July 20242nd July 2024

Please note, the cut-off dates are hard deadlines for ICS HR team to receive the applications. Any application submitted pass the cut-off date will be reviewed in the following panel review date.

For you to be considered for an honorary appointment, the sponsor or delegate must complete Part A & Part B application forms (found below) and submit the application with a CV and publication list to ics.hr@ucl.ac.uk by the 'Application cut-off date';

Please note, all applications need to be completed in full with detailed response for each category stated on the application forms, particularly making sure that the reason for award of an honorary title is clear.

**Incomplete application forms will likely be rejected and the forms will be returned to the applicant.**

Any questions about the Honorary Contract process and procedures can be discussed with the ICS HR team via email on ics.hr@ucl.ac.uk.