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Mentoring in Action…

A new mentoring initiative to support your career

  • Are there things you would like to do differently or better?
  • Would you like help dealing with the day to day issues you face in your role?
  • Would you like to support others to work through the problems they are experiencing?
  • Would you like to get to know other people in the CI  better – especially those at a similar career stage?

You are invited to participate in a new mentoring initiative, using Action Learning to facilitate professional development, at the Cancer Institute. 

What is it?

Small groups of people at a similar career stage meet regularly (approx once a month) to support and challenge each other to discuss, reflect on and solve the problems they are experiencing.

This type of approach is aimed at raising awareness and encouraging responsibility to change. Problems could include prioritization, managing work relationships, time management, managing a team, feeling valued and supported, or work-life balance. 

What's the benefit?

By discussing problems within a group, there is the potential to benefit not only the individual, but also others in the group who may be experiencing similar issues.  We hope that this initiative will facilitate communication within the Institute and improve collaboration.

How do I take part?

Please contact: Helen Meadows h.meadows@ucl.ac.uk

UCL mentoring and coaching 

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