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Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Flow Cytometry is a method of measuring the fluorescence and scatter properties of cells or particles as they pass through a laser. It is a highly flexible technique with a wide range of assays including cell cycle, cell death and apoptosis, multi-colour phenotyping as well as functional assays such as calcium flux, oxidative burst and intracellular pH change.

An extension of the technology is FACS (Fluorescently Activated Cell Sorting).  A Cell sorter is able to electrostatically separate different cell populations based off their scatter and fluorescent characteristics for further downstream experimentation.
The core facility at UCL Cancer Institute provides expertise in multi-parameter panel design including fluorophore selection and sample acquisition to assistance with data analysis/interpretation. The facility also runs a Cell Sorting Service that is carried out by core staff.

Equipment and specifications

Cell analysis

Fortessa X20
Accuri C6
Helios Mass Cytometer
BD Symphony

Cell sorting

Aria III
Aria Fusion

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