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Professor Walczak Lab Members

Postdoctoral researchers

Itziar Areso Zubiaur, PhD
Itziar investigates the development of novel therapeutic strategies to harness the TRAIL/TRAIL-R system. She evaluates the efficacy of pro-apoptotic TRAIL-based cancer therapies and, at the same time, she is also interested in exploring the anti-tumour potential of TRAIL/TRAIL-R blockade.

Antonella Montinaro, PhD
Antonella evaluates the therapeutic potential of novel, highly active TRAIL-comprising combination therapies for lung cancer. She is also interested in examining how these therapies affect the tumour-immune microenvironment. 
Email: a.montinaro@ucl.ac.uk

PhD students

Yu-Guang Chen
Yu-Guang is a PhD student investigating on the role of LUBAC’s function in chronic inflammation derived carcinogenesis, and how does it work among other TNF superfamily

Lynet Nyoni
Lynet is working on ways to target the tumour microenvironment through multiple death receptor/ligand inhibition in resistant cancers

Aditya Shroff
Aditya is PhD student working on developing new mouse models for adult glioma. He did his University education in New York and worked there as a research assistant before moving to UCL cancer institute to pursue his PhD. Aditya first began working with gliomas in Paolo Salomoni’s group before continuing and advancing the work in the Walczak Laboratory.

Support staff

Aida Daboh, MSc.
Aida provides technical support since November 2011. She is part of the centralised system of close monitoring of mouse colonies.

Veronica Dominguez (PA/Centre Administrator)
Veronica provides administrative support to the Walczak lab since May 2018.

 Group alumni

  • Maurice Darding, Postdoc
  • Peter Draber, Postdoc
  • Maureen Galmes-Spit, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
  • Torsten Hartwig, PhD
  • Sebastian Kupka, PhD
  • Elodie Lafont, Postdoc
  • Diego de Miguel Samaniego, Postdoc
  • Matthias Reichert, PhD student
  • Yutaka Shimizu, PhD student
  • Lucia Taraborrelli, PhD student
  • Silvia von Karstedt, Postdoc

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