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rEECur - July 2023 update

rEECur - International Randomised Controlled Trial of Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Recurrent and Primary Refractory Ewing Sarcoma


Three out of the four original arms have now closed to recruitment, a fifth chemotherapy arm, carboplatin & etoposide (CE) and a sixth arm combining ifosfamide with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor lenvatinib have been added to the study. Read about results published on the trial to date.

The rEECur trial has recruited over 500 patients across 200 sites in 17 countries, making it the largest randomised trial in recurrent and refractory Ewing sarcoma. Each person who takes part in the trial provides invaluable data and provides an important contribution Ewing sarcoma research.
Over 500 biospecimens have been collected from patients taking part in the trial. These will be used for research.

We are grateful to those patients who have agreed to join this trial, and to their families, and treating clinical teams across Europe