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Clinical Trials

The EURO Ewing Consortium is running two clinical trials.

Euro Ewing 2012

Euro Ewing 2012 - International Randomised Controlled Trial for the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Ewing's Sarcoma Family of Tumours

This trial is now closed to recruitment.


ASCO (2020) - abstract

Trials (2020) - protocol paper


rEECur - International Randomised Controlled Trial of Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Recurrent and Primary Refractory Ewing Sarcoma


ASCO (2019) - abstract

ASCO (2020) - abstract


Results for Euro Ewing 2012 and rEECur were posted in accordance with deliverables D1.6 and D2.6 in September 2018.

Bone Cancer Research Trust also provides information on clinical trials open to ES patients in the UK.

Clinical trials in development

INTER-EWING-1 - CI Bernadette Brennan, University of Manchester, UK

iEuroEwing - CI Uta Dirksen, University Hospital Essen, Germany