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The EURO EWING Consortium – International Clinical Trials to Improve Survival from Ewing Sarcoma (EEC project) was a UCL coordinated collaborative project involving 20 European partners, and was awarded funding through the European Union's Framework Programme 7 (FP7). The EU-funded project ended in September 2019 but the EEC is continuing thanks to the generous support of the Ewing's Sarcoma Research Trust. The EEC will maintain and expand the collaborative activities established over the seven years with the continued aim of improving survival from Ewing sarcoma.

Ewing Sarcomas (ES) are fatal, rare bone cancers particularly affecting young people. About 60% of patients achieve long term survival with current treatment but there has been no improvement in this proportion for 25 years. Treatment is unsuccessful because chemotherapy fails to prevent the development of, or to effectively treat established, metastases.

The Euro Ewing Consortium is a coalition of clinical study groups bringing together the most active clinicians and scientists in Europe dedicated to improving survival from ES. The EU-funded project supported an integrated programme of investigator-driven, inclusive clinical trials that were rigorously designed, conducted, analysed and reported, and underpinned by complementary embedded translational research. Through collaborative working, the EEC provided ES patients with greater access to clinical trials, allowed efficient acquisition of knowledge and delivered clinically meaningful results that will contribute to improved survival from ES.

Next EEC meeting - Tuesday 26 January, 10:00 - 16:30 GMT

The next EEC network meeting will be a virtual event and will be held on Tuesday 26 January 2021. Speakers from Europe and the USA will update on progress and potential future collaboration. Download the agenda (pdf) and register by 10 January via this Eventbrite link.

EEC Newsletter - December 2020

The second newsletter of the new era of the EEC can be viewed here.

The November issue can be found here.


Publication by Lisa Bierbaumer, Heinrich Kovar and colleagues

'YAP/TAZ inhibition reduces metastatic potential of Ewing sarcoma cells' was recently published in Oncogenesis and part-funded by the EEC project grant.

"These data suggest that YAP/TAZ pathway inhibition may prevent EwS cell dissemination and metastasis, justifying further preclinical development of YAP/TAZ inhibitors for EwS treatment."


Watch the first of our films on the EURO EWING Consortium here. Thanks to all those members of the ES community who took part.

Patient advocacy has been a large part of the EEC project since 2013 and here are some of our current patient advocates talking about how they have contributed to our research. Watch the video here.

The EEC supported the Euro Ewing 2012 trial (now closed) and the rEECur trial (ongoing). Learn more about the EE2012 and rEECur trials by watching these films made by the EEC.

EEC membership

Membership is open to those in Europe and outside of Europe who are active in ES research/ treatment or patient advocacy. Before applying, you must have attended at least one EEC meeting. To apply for membership of the EEC, please complete the online form, and send your CV and two nominations from current EEC members to eec@ucl.ac.uk.

Funding calls

Bone Cancer Research Trust have launched a further call - the 'Ideas Grant Call' (closing date 26 February 2021). Funding is up to £20,000 and will be awarded to laboratory or translational projects which demonstrate a clear line of sight to benefiting patients. Lead applicants must be based in the UK but co-applicants can be from outside of the UK. Application information can be found here.

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