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CRUK-UCL and Cancer Domain Multidisciplinary Seminar Series

17 October 2019, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Multidisciplinary Seminar  Prof Alethea Tabor and Dr Kerstin Sander17.10.19

Professor Alethea Tabor & Dr Kerstin Sander, UCL Department of Chemistry, present: 'Chemical Tools for Imaging,' showcasing how chemistry underpins the development of novel imaging platforms.

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Courtyard Cafe
Paul O Gorman Building
72 Huntley Street


Imaging is of paramount importance for scientific applications – it is the dominant form of analysis of molecules, cells and tissues across the Life Sciences as it allows research questions to be assessed in a qualitative and quantitative manner. In this seminar, we will showcase how chemistry underpins the development of novel imaging platforms.

A range of different types of nanoparticles have been developed to deliver agents to cancer cells, through a combination of passive targeting (via the EPR effect) and active targeting (to receptors over-expressed on cancer cells). Liposome-based nanoparticles offer a flexible platform for delivery of a wide range of cargoes and imaging modalities (FRET biosensors, CEST agents, photoacoustic). Prof Tabor will describe some recent advances in self-assembling targeted theragnostic liposomal nanoparticles that can be tuned to deliver therapeutic agents such as pDNA, siRNA and small molecule therapeutics, and can be imaged to monitor the efficacy of such treatments in vivo.

Nuclear imaging in conjunction with radioactive tracers enables non-invasive measurements of biochemical events in vivo, whereas nuclear imaging in tissue allows assessment of biological targets in a quantitative manner and at high resolution. Dr Sander will introduce novel radiochemical methods for labelling of small molecules as well as proteins, and their potential to address biomedical questions. This includes for instance, the design of a novel imaging strategy to monitor drug resistance and multimodality imaging in colorectal cancer xenografts.
Lunch will be provided. 

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