Professor Alethea B. Tabor

Head of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Section

  Alethea Tabor is Professor of Chemical Biology, and has been at UCL since 1995 (Senior Lecturer 2001 - 2004, Reader 2004 – 2012). Her research is interdisciplinary and spans the interfaces between organic chemistry, biochemistry and in vivo imaging. He group has a particular focus on the design and synthesis of novel and complex peptides to investigate biological problems and as building blocks for the development of self-assembling, multifunctional nanoparticles: often this involves the development of new synthetic methodology. 

Summary of research group

My research in the field of Chemical Biology is been driven by the insights that can be gained by applying synthetic organic chemistry to the solution of biological problems. We develop novel synthetic methods to solve the challenges posed by the synthesis of unusual molecules, and use a range of biophysical techniques to study the interactions between the tools we develop and their biological counterparts. Much of this research, in addition, is directed towards solving biological problems of therapeutic relevance.

My group is currently focused in three areas; the synthesis, mode of action and development of novel antibiotic peptides, with a particular interest in the lantibiotics, the targeted delivery of genes and small molecules using liposome-based strategies, and the design and synthesis of targeted theragnostic, multifunctional nanoparticles for simultaneous imaging and delivery of cancer therapeutics.

Research highlights
Research Facilities
  • Member of Royal Society of Chemistry 
  • Member of American Chemical Society
  • Committee member of the RSC Peptide and Protein Subject Group
Research interests
  • Chemical Biology
  • Synthesis and mode of action of antimicrobial peptides, particularly the lantibiotics
  • Conformationally constrained peptides
  • Targeted liposome-based nanoparticles for simultaneous imaging and delivery of cancer therapeutics
  • Course organise and lecturer on core 2nd year Organic Chemistry course (CHEM2201 - enolate chemistry and retrosynthetic analysis)
  • Lecturer on 3rd year Biological Chemistry course (peptides and proteins)
  • Lecturer on 2nd year Chemistry of Biologically Important Molecules (for biochemistry students: carbohydrate chemistry)