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ACED Directors of Training

The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection seeks applicants for the role of Directors of Training

ACED Directors of Training

•    Provide strategic oversight for all ACED training programmes and activities
•    Lead and develop novel innovative training initiatives to support ACED researchers
•    Encourage engagement and interaction to promote career and professional development 

One of the key aims of ACED is to train and support the next generation of early detection researchers. The ACED Directors of Training, working closely with the ACED Training Working Group, are essential to developing and implementing that vision. These posts are now up for renewal and we are inviting applications from across the Alliance.

ACED is seeking leadership to oversee and implement the training strategy
•    Ensure ongoing development of the ACED Training Programme
•    Support ACED funded training award schemes 
•    Lead the development of new, innovative training activities to support the career development of ACED students and researchers. 
The Directors will be supported by the ACED Operations Board and will be responsible for reporting to and advising the Alliance Executive Board.

For more details of the role and responsibilities, see the ACED Directors of Training role profile

The Directors of Training will be appointed for a 12 month term. Applicants must be a named ACED Member from an ACED Centre.
•    ACED will appoint up to two joint Directors of Training with demonstrable leadership in a teaching or training role.
•    Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a strong enthusiasm and a proactive commitment to training at all career levels, in clinical and non-clinical career pathways, as well as the wider early detection research field.
•    Applicants must demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively and to encourage engagement and interaction between researchers to support career and professional development.
Each Director will receive up to £1,500 GBP / $2,000 USD per annum contribution to attend early-detection conferences.

Application Process

Interested applicants will submit a CV (max 4 pages) and cover letter (max length 1,500 words) detailing your suitability for the role and specifically addressing the following questions in separate sections (max 500 words per response):

1.    Describe your experience in developing or contributing to a teaching or training programme or similar initiative. Please describe how you would go about implementing the ACED training programme and what specific strengths or insights you bring to this role? 
2.    Describe your enthusiasm for supporting students and early career researchers and your understanding of their needs for career and professional development? Describe how you would ensure that the ACED training programme would reflect the needs of its trainees across all Member Centres.
3.    Describe how you would bring together different stakeholders from across all ACED Member Centres, ensure they would remain engaged and that tasks are delivered? Please draw on existing experience you have managing an initiative involving a variety of different stakeholders.

Submit completed applications to aced@cancer.org.uk by Friday 3rd June 2022.

Final decisions and notifications to Applicants by 1st July 2022, expected start date of 1st September 2022. 

Informal enquiries can be made to Karolin Kroese, CRUK ACED Programme Manager (Karolin.Kroese@cancer.org.uk