Brain Sciences


Dean’s List of top performing students for 2021/22 is announced

1 March 2023

Every year the Dean recognises the top students, in terms of academic performance, from across the Faculty.

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This year it was awarded to students that achieved a minimum final average of 74% as well as achieving a minimum of 74% in their research project/dissertation.

Professor Alan Thompson, 
Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences, said: "Congratulations to all on these fantastic results. I’m delighted to see such a high standard of academic achievement from our students across the Faculty. You should all be very proud of the hard work and dedication that has led to such impressive marks for your research project/dissertation."

The Faculty of Brain Sciences aims to prepare its students to go on to become world leaders in their fields, and it is a fantastic achievement to feature on this list. Congratulations to all of you.

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceMartín Eladio Esparza Iaizzo
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceAitana Araceli Padilla Requerey
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceIsha Shekhar Puntambekar
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceShai Fuchs
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceJohn Christian Medran Fajardo
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience)Toby Curless
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience)Tatiana Georgiades
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience)Oliver Fox
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesLucille Bottein
MResTranslational NeuroscienceHannah Dobbs
MResTranslational NeuroscienceKai Sun
MResTranslational NeuroscienceMillie Thackray
MResTranslational NeuroscienceLottie Ravenscroft
MRes Neuromuscular DiseaseMadeline Lombardo

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceAoife Fitzgerald
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceCharlotte Bell
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceMarcus Glennon
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceLucia Core

Institute of Ophthalmology

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Clinical Ophthalmic PracticeSuad Jama
MSc Advanced Clinical Optometry and OphthalmologySejal Mistry

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Speech and Language SciencesChloe Millard
MSc Speech and Language SciencesLaura Durston
MSc Speech and Language SciencesIsabelle Byrne
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesEkaterina Stoilova
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesRupert Riddle
MSc Social CognitionTiara Anzani
MSc Human-Computer InteractionLisa Malki
MSc Human-Computer InteractionGrady Ng
MSc Human-Computer InteractionKarolina Balogova
MSc Human-Computer InteractionQing Xia
MSc Human-Computer InteractionCristina Morisson 
MSc Human-Computer InteractionSven Klauer
MSc Human-Computer InteractionMaximillian Clark
MSc Human-Computer InteractionSiena Martin
MSc Human-Computer InteractionSeojin Park
MSc Human-Computer InteractionHenry Drake
MSc Human-Computer InteractionTheodore Gittens
MSc Human-Computer InteractionElena Radziunaite
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAmbika Sharma
MSc Human-Computer InteractionNai-Ching Hsiao
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAshita Jain
MA LinguisticsHirohito Kanazawa
MA LinguisticsWenxue Jing
MA LinguisticsChenghao Hu
MA LinguisticsJingyi Wu
MA LinguisticsAijia Cui
MA LinguisticsEmma York
MA LinguisticsJacob Rando
MA Linguistics with a Specialisation in SyntaxGeorge Bennett
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeSophia Schrembs
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeSaskia Phelps
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeMolly Mackean
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeAshley Koenig
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeYee Nam Lam
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyClaire Whiting
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyKathleen Guan
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyAlice Lineham
MRes Speech, Language and CognitionHillarie Man
MRes Speech, Language and CognitionYumeng Wang
MRes Speech, Language and CognitionSabrena Lee
MSc Psychological SciencesCarolyn Hoyle
MSc Psychological SciencesAlexandra Luo
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language and Communication)Buhan Guo
Msc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language and Communication)Xiyuan Li
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language and Communication)Marco Cangini
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyRachel Mumford
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyWang Ling Seah
MSc Behaviour ChangeCiara Beaumont-Wood
MSc Behaviour ChangeJonas Alberto Montilva Monsalve

Division of Psychiatry

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesGeorgia Bacon
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesEirini Lamprogiannaki
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesAnnalise Keller
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesLauren Varney
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesTanja Roos
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesLiam Mackay
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesMichal Misiak
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesRobin Lau
MSc Mental Health Sciences ResearchSonya Rudra
MRes Brain SciencesMuhammad Shaikh
MRes Brain SciencesNiuzheng Chai
MRes Brain SciencesRegan Mills