Brain Sciences


Dean’s List of top performing students for 2018/19 is announced

22 January 2020

Every year the Dean recognises the top 5% of students, in terms of academic performance, from across the Faculty.

Dean's List 2018/19

This year it was the top 5% that achieved a minimum final average of 74% as well as achieving a minimum of 74% in their research project/dissertation. Professor Alan Thompson, Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences, said: "It's fantastic to see our students reaching such high standards across the Faculty – great tribute to their dedication and to their teachers expertise". 

The Faculty of Brain Sciences aims to prepare its students to go on to become world leaders in their fields, and it is a fantastic achievement to graduate in the top 5%. Congratulations to all of you.

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Programme title Student 
MSc Behaviour ChangeAyse Lisa Allison
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologySiddharth Purohit
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyRadoslava Shopova
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologySabina Slavinskaite
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyViolet Wong
MSc Psychological SciencesJessica Etherington
MSc Psychological SciencesOliver Owrid
MSc Psychological SciencesRosie Powell Davies
MSc Social Cognition: Research and Applications Yu Heng Daryl Lee
MSc Social Cognition: Research and Applications Viola Mocke
MSc Social Cognition: Research and Applications Sara Tomé Pinto Varatojo
MSc Social Cognition: Research and ApplicationsSarah Hearne
MSc Social Cognition: Research and Applications Qingyi Shen
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesLion Carsten Schulz
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesJan-Philipp Fränken
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesMaja Friedemann
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesHsin-Ping Wu
MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences Aloysius Shengxun Oh
MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences Viktor Nikolaus Kewenig
MSc Speech and Language SciencesChantelle Maxwell 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesOrlagh O'Leary 
MSc Speech and Language Sciences

Ashton Brower 

MSc Speech and Language Sciences Clare Cummins 
MSc Speech and Language Sciences Elizabeth Higgins 
MSc Speech and Language Sciences Lucinda Babbs 
MSc Language Sciences Timothy Halliday 
MSc Language SciencesTori Kok
MSc Language SciencesPauline Marie 
MSc Language SciencesLeonie Kram 
MRes Speech, Language and CognitionXinxin Yan 
MRes Speech, Language and CognitionRichard Cave 
MSc Human Comuter Interaction with Ergonomics Katherine Arnold 
MSc Human Computer Interaction Natasha Galliford
MSc Human Computer Interaction Federico Milana 
MSc Human Computer Interaction Rebecca Zheng 
MSc Human Computer Interaction Elena Petrovskaya
MSc Human Computer Interaction Song Lee Minseo
MSc Human Computer Interaction Triz Kitilmtrakul
MSc Human Computer Interaction Marina Fernadez Comporro
MSc Human Computer Interaction Karina Kocemba
MSc Human Computer Interaction Hing Yu Ng
MSc Human Computer Interaction Wen Shi 
MSc Human Computer Interaction Pak Yu Chan 
MSc Human Computer Interaction Weiyu Zeng 
MSc Human Computer Interaction Jim Neussl
MSc Human Computer Interaction  Anastasia Schmitz
MSc Human Computer Interaction  George Hanson
MA LinguisticsMarc Barnard 
MA Linguistics Wenkei Tay 
MA Linguistics with specialisation in Syntax Anna Grabovac 
MSc Cognitive Neuroscience Giulia Piazza
MSc Cognitive Neuroscience Arwel Pritchard
MSc Cognitive Neuroscience Lila Khederlarian
MSc Cognitive Neuroscience Estela Carmona Gonzalez
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience James Hill 
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience Martine Skumlien
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience Blanca Piera Pi-sunyer
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience  Sankalp Garud
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience  Leonhardt Unruh 
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience  Yijia Yan
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience  Luna Kamps
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience  Xuan Kai Lee
MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic StudiesMolly Fitzmaurice
MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies Claire Vickers 
MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies  Hernan Noguera Hevia
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice Clare Walton
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice Mikoto Nakajima
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyBarbara Castro Batic
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology Imke Ahlers
UCLIC  MSC Human Computer InteractionJessica Maxwell

Division of Psychiatry

Programme title Student 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesVictoria Bamber 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesMia Maria Günak 
MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences Frederike Lemmel
MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences Amy Lewins 
MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences Zsofia Sophansay 
MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences Hin Yang 
MSc Mental Health Sciences ResearchAnnamaria Balogh
MSc Mental Health Sciences ResearchNatasha Lyons 
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Mental Health)Avi Cohen 
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Mental Health)Emily Fisher 
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Mental Health)Tiffeny James 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesGeorgina Buswell 
MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences Hassan Mansour 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesMolly Bird 
MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences Georgie Parker 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesHin Tung Jacquelyn Yang 

Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Programme title Student 
MSc Clinical Neuroscience Man Ying Lo
MSc Clinical Neuroscience  Yilan Fan
MSc Clinical Neuroscience Shlomo Elmalem
MSc Clinical Neuroscience Cora Bolger
MSc Clinical Neuroscience Helene El-Bacha
MSc Clinical Neuroscience Krista Sibley
MSc Clinical Neuroscience Aiysha Chaudhry
MSc Clinical Neurology Kamille Abdool
MSc Clinical Neurology  Sabahat Iqbal 
MSc Brain and Mind Sciences Roy Tal Dew
Mres Advanced NeuroimagingJohn Maynard
MSc Advanced Neuroimaging Alice Accorroni 
MSc Advanced Neuroimaging Jose Eduardo Leon Rojas
Mres Translational Neurology Selina Tsai 
Mres Translational NeurologyIsabel De la Paz 
Mres Translational Neurology Emily Groves 
Mres Translational Neurology Sumana Shrestha 
MSc Dementia Georgia Peakman
MSc Dementia Elise Chan 
Mres Neuromuscular Disease Ellie Sturmey 
MSc Stroke Medicine Viktoria Sefcikova 

Institute of Ophthalmology

Programme title Student 
MSc Biology of Vision Dimitra Kopsini
MSc Clinical OphthalmologySaoud Al-Khuzaei 
MSc Clinical OphthalmologyPekacka Aleksandra
MSc Clinical OphthalmologyJiang Jana
MSc Clinical OphthalmologyMajid Al-Breiki 
MSc Clinical Ophthalmology Simon Merrick
MSc Clinical Ophthalmology Navid Hakim 

Ear Institute

Programme title Student 
MSc Audiological Science with Clinical Practice Man Yui Pat Chow

Faculty of Brain Sciences 

Programme titleStudent 
MRes Brain SciencesOliver Warrington
MRes Brain SciencesVivien Albrecht