Brain Sciences


Dean’s List of top performing students for 2019/20 is announced

14 December 2020

Every year the Dean recognises the top students, in terms of academic performance, from across the Faculty.

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Professor Alan Thompson, Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences, said: "I am absolutely delighted to see our students setting such high standards across the Faculty.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students and staff for all their hard work that makes these results happen.”

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Programme title Student
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceLily Smythe
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceJuho Aijala
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceBenjamin Kop
MSc Behaviour Change Jake Reynolds
MSc Behaviour Change Tishara Rajagopal
MSc Behaviour Change Isabelle Brennan
MSc Behaviour Change Frieda Altgelt 
MSc Behaviour Change Ella Howes 
MSc Behaviour Change Christopher Osborne 
MSc Behaviour Change Freya Mills 
MSc Behaviour Change Verity Mallion 
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesLucas Castillo
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesSamuel Dupret 
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesTankred Saanum
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesYi-Min Lim
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesSarah Flecke 
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesJamie Gittins
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesTrisevgeni Papakonstantinou
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesGemma Lowcock 
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesYanna Zhu 
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesStephanie Bonfield
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesLaura Strittmatter
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceGeorge Herbert 
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceHannah Bibby 
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceMatthew Peniket 
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceMaite Arribas 
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceKaho Magami 
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceTiffany Nassirian 
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceTia (Freddie) Harland-Say
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyParis Will 
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyShubhi Vashistha 
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyEd Whincup 
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologySaira Meerza 
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyColomba Lyall Ramirez
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyEmily Behrends
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyJonathan Hodge 
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyGeoffrey Coleman
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyDaphne Chung 
MSc Psychological SciencesAmaani Ahmed 
MSc Psychological SciencesSihan Jian 
MSc Psychological SciencesAlice Roe 
MSc Psychological SciencesRebecca Murphy 
MSc Psychological SciencesVictor Btesh
MSc Psychological SciencesGabriella Baker 
MSc Psychological SciencesSeren Alaeddinoglu
MSc Psychological SciencesEddie Ugless 
MSc Psychological SciencesSam Keen 
MSc Psychological SciencesYunhan Li 
MSc Psychological SciencesHannah Partington
MSc Psychological SciencesEslam Alshami
MSc Psychological SciencesRachel Kennedy 
MSc Psychological SciencesMaya Sedenu
MSc Psychological SciencesSaumya Mody 
MSc Social CognitionRuibo Dong 
MSc Social CognitionPhuong Dang 
MSc Social CognitionElla Tuominen
MSc Social CognitionLena Hielscher
MSc Social Cognition Tal Arkushin 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesChloe Rush 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesLaura Sunnucks 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesKatie Levy 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesNina Gresham 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesBethany Davison 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesHannah Deakins 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesDaniella Smedley 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesSophie Browne
MRes Developmental Neuroscience & Psychopathology Rosalind McAlpine 
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyNora Stumpfogger
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyClare Storey 
MSc Developmental Psychology & Clinical Practice Astra Hazlitt
MSc Developmental Psychology & Clinical Practice Emma Reames 
MSc Developmental Psychology & Clinical Practice Harriet Housby 
MSc Developmental Psychology & Clinical Practice Ching Yan Lee
MA LinguisticsEva Neu
MA LinguisticsZijiao Zhang 
MA LinguisticsHuacheng Cao 
MA LinguisticsJames Cottam
MA LinguisticsZixi Liu 
MA LinguisticsElsie Piao 
MA LinguisticsZhenhen Qin 
MA LinguisticsHanyu Liu 
MA LinguisticsLudovica Onofri
MA LinguisticsYikan Lin 
MA LinguisticsBuhan Guo 
MA LinguisticsFangning Ren 
MA LinguisticsHosana Harris 
MA LinguisticsYu Xu
MA LinguisticsZilin Wu
MA Linguistics Teru Konishi
Linguistics with a Specialisation in SyntaxSophie Hardie 
Linguistics with a Specialisation in SyntaxAna Dinis
Linguistics with a Specialisation in SyntaxXiang Li
Linguistics with a Specialisation in PragmaticsBiu Huntington-Rainey 
Linguistics with a Specialisation in PragmaticsYichen Du 
Linguistics with a Specialisation in PhonologyArianna Milighetti
MRes Speech, Language & CognitionCoral Brown 
MRes Speech, Language & CognitionHannah Wilt 
MRes Speech, Language & CognitionYani Qiu 
MRes Speech, Language & CognitionKeyue Chen 
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language & Communication)Ziyun Zhang 
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language & Communication)Rachel Joiner
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language & Communication)Junchao Hu 
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language & Communication)Tommi Salminen
MSc Language Sciences (Language Development)Rebecca Norman 
MSc Language Sciences (Language Development) Lily Nentcheva
MSc Language Sciences (with specialisation in Linguistics with Neuroscience)Clement Veall
MRes Applied Research in Human Communication DisordersJenny Ray 
MRes Applied Research in Human Communication DisordersAnna Sowerbutts
MRes Applied Research in Human Communication DisordersElena Moore 
MSc Human Computer InteractionTobias Klotz
MSc Human Computer InteractionEmma Kallina 
MSc Human Computer InteractionWen Mo  
MSc Human Computer InteractionLixia Zheng
MSc Human Computer InteractionJunge Shi 
MSc Human Computer InteractionChae Heon Song 
MSc Human Computer InteractionRoos Van Greevenbroek
MSc Human Computer InteractionMarusa Hrobat 
MSc Human Computer InteractionKatarzyna Myszkowska
MSc Human Computer InteractionGrainne Bannigan 
MSc Human Computer InteractionLucille Harvey 
MSc Human Computer InteractionIsha Maggu 
MSc Human Computer InteractionZeyuan Zhang 
MSc Human Computer InteractionMadeline Petit
MSc Human Computer InteractionKejia Shen 
MSc Human Computer InteractionTeng-Fang Chang
MSc Human Computer InteractionRadhy Ampera
MSc Human Computer InteractionYihe Wang 
MSc Human Computer InteractionTsai-Jie Wu 
MSc Human Computer InteractionEmmet Simpson 
MSc Human Computer InteractionQiaoxi Liu 
MSc Human Computer InteractionZiyi Zhang 

Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Programme Student 
MRes Advanced NeuroimagingShelan Ofori 
MRes Neuromuscular Disease Yiling Li 
MRes Translational NeuroscienceMatthew Roig
MRes Translational NeuroscienceTahmina Aktar
MRes Translational NeuroscienceIulia-Mihaela Nita
MRes Translational NeuroscienceNoah Fitzgerald
MRes Translational Neuroscience Maryam Reis-Dehabadi
MSc Advanced NeuroimagingCatarina Leite Borges De Brito
MSc Advanced NeuroimagingEllis Langford 
MSc Advanced NeuroimagingZoe Morris 
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesMartina Kavanova 
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesElisabeth Fleck 
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesEva-Katharina Lymberopoulos 
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesVictoire Martignac
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesZoe Koopmans 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceSophie Newton 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceThomas Childs 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceLudo Van Hillegondsberg
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceAnna Elizabeth Nicholls Buhl 
MSc Clinical NeurosciencePauline Muenchenberg
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceAnna Hall 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceHolly Aylmore 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceArnav Singh 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceHatice Tasan 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceFrancesca Lam 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceDion Weerasuriya
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceMalgorzata Bledowski
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceEmily Bennett
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceSerena Pang 
MSc Clinical Neuroscience Laura Pradini Santos
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience) Andrew Graham
MSc Stroke MedicineCharlotte Howland
MSc Stroke MedicineGloria Kachingwe

Division of Psychiatry

Programme Student 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesMariella Henderson
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesNada Abou Seif
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesCandelaria Martinez Sosa
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesSofia Orlando 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesSarah Ikhtabi
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesAngela Chase
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesAlexandra Badaoui
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesLousia Jagmetti
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesSiobhan Hegarty
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesJosefin Westh
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesLaura Courtney 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesMerle Schlief
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesCharlotte Steel
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesJinyan Yang 
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesLucy Purnell
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesSubati Abulikemu
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Mental Health)Eleni Palpatzis
MRes Brain SciencesSimranjeet  Singh Grewal
MRes Brain SciencesMarta Wronska
MRes Brain SciencesElena Gutierrez

Institute of Ophthalmology

Programme Student 
MSc OphthalmologyJi Eun Han 
MSc OphthalmologyTheodora Mantzari
MSc OphthalmologyYen Ning Mau
MSc Ophthalmology with Clinical PracticeTanya Gopal
MSc Ophthalmology with Clinical PracticeNoha Soliman