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Academic promotions processes

Guides explaining the different promotion processes for UCL academic, research and teaching staff

Important deadlines:

These dates are the deadlines for receipt of applications. Each Institute/Division may have local deadlines for receipt and review of applications. Please check with your Institute/Division Manager and/or local HR contact.



Senior promotions (to grade 9-10)

Academic, research & teaching staff

13 December 2021

For candidates to submit online: UCL Senior Promotions System

Professorial re-banding (non-clinical)

6 May 2022 

For Directors to submit applications to the Dean

Early Career promotions (to grade 7-8)

Academic, research & teaching staff

21 May 2022

For Directors to submit applications to the Dean

Professorial in-band pay reviews (non-clinical)

16 September 2022

For Directors to submit annual appraisal ratings to the Dean