UCL Division of Biosciences


Course Content

Mark Swindells teaching on the antibodies workshop

Course Lectures

  • An introduction to the natural role of antibodies in the adaptive immune response
  • An introduction to the genetics of antibody diversity and class switching
  • A detailed view of antibody structure and structural variability
  • An explanation of why antibodies make good lab reagents, diagnostics and drugs
  • How antibodies are used as drugs
  • The problems of using antibodies as in vivo drugs (size and immunogenicity) and routes to solve these (chimerics, humanization and 'fully human' antibodies).
  • New developments in antibody formats
  • Examples of the production and use of antibodies as therapeutics
  • Methods to model the structure of antibodies and how these differ from normal comparative homology modelling
  • An introduction to intellectual property (and patents in particular) and how this applies to antibody-based drugs
  • An analysis of biopharmaceutical court cases related to infringement and equivalence, sufficiency, novelty, inventive step and industrial application

Course Workshops

Course workshops will offer hands-on experience in:

  • Exploring the abYsis database and workbench
  • Analysing antibody sequences
  • Standard numbering of antibody sequences
  • Understanding antibody structure
  • Exploration of unusual sequence features and mapping these to structure


  • Discussions and Q&A sessions - an opportunity for you to ask questions and for the lecturers to help you with your particular needs.
  • A reception party on the first evening - opportunities to network