UCL Division of Biosciences


How We Perform

  • UCL is the top-rated university in the UK for research power with the greatest amount of 4* (world leading) research in Panel A, covering medicine and biological sciences. According to REF 2014
  • UCL has the best staff to student ratio in the UK with 10.1 students to each member of academic staff. According to The Complete University Guide 2022
  • UK’s favourite destination for EU and international students. According to HESA 2015/16
  • UCL is ranked 7th in the UK for Graduate Outcomes according to The Complete University Guide 2022
  • There are nine Nobel Prize winners associated with Life Sciences at UCL: A.V. Hill, Peter Medawar, Andrew Huxley, Henry Dale, Bernard Katz, James Black, Bert Sakmann, Martin Evans and John O’Keefe.