UCL Division of Biosciences



We have the following resources available.


  • We can accommodate both formalin and soft fixed whole cadavers (ideal for arthroscopy and surgical courses).
  • We can produce bespoke prosections on request.

Prosected specimen

  • We have a variety of existing prosected specimens available to highlight key anatomical regions of the body.

Anatomical museum specimens

  • Located on the fringe of the dissecting room there is a vast collection of anatomical museum specimens to allow for easy viewing and reference. 

*Clinically relevant radiographs

  • A large collection of printed radiographs incl. skull, juvenile and dental. 


  • An extensive primate skeletal collection. 
  • An extensive osteology collection of human bones including many pathological and juvenile specimens

*Sir Grafton Elliot Smiths Animal Brain collection for comparative study 

Vast collection of Adam-Rouilly plastic models 

AV facilities

  • Ceiling projectors for Powerpoint presentations 
  • Internal still and film cameras available for use

*Bench fees may apply for research access