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Biosciences Huxley Building Molecular Biology Facilities

This core equipment facility was established in 2002 using funds awarded to a group of leading academics by the Joint Infrastructure Fund (JIF). In 2004 access to the facility was extended to incorporate the rest of UCL and the facility has established a strong and continuously expanding user base.
The facility offers general molecular biological equipment in addition to a comprehensive range of genotyping and other molecular biology services tailored to meet individual requirements.

Contact Stuart Martin
Role Core Equipment Facility Manager
Phone: 020 7679 0040 Internal: x30040
Email: stuart.martin@ucl.ac.uk

Room 206, 2nd Floor Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Andrew Huxley Building

  • BiTeK Visible 96 Well Plate Reader
  • Beckman DU 800 scanning UV/Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Bright Cryostat


  • Invasive (ear punch + tails) and non-invasive (faecal pellet) sample processing
  • Gel based PCR assays
  • Post PCR restriction digestion of SNP's / mutations (RFLP)
  • Preparation of targets for direct sequencing (SNP's / mutations)
  • Quantification of gene copy number using TaqMan technology (non-targeted transgenes)
  • Custom TaqMan probe design for copy number assays

ELISA assays
Techniques and Capabilities

  • Quantitative PCR (SYBR Green I & TaqMan)
  • DNA, RNA & protein quantification
  • PCR assay design and optimization
  • qPCR Custom TaqMan primer design (ABI Primer Express)
  • Competitive PCR (SNP/mutations)
  • Touchdown PCR
  • Gradient PCR

Genotyping services
Prices from £2.50 per sample (depending on particular assay requirements). Full prices are available upon request.

ELISA Assays
Prices available upon request.

Spectrophotometer / Visible Plate Reader / Bright Cryostat
Proportion of the running cost based on the level of use (consumables + maintenance contract).

Full training and technical assistance will be provided for all facility users.