UCL Division of Biosciences


Biosciences Anatomy Building Molecular Biology Unit

Based on the 2nd floor of the Anatomy Building was established to provide equipment and services to groups in the Anatomy Department. This has now been open to groups across the Division of Biosciences. We provide a range of access options - from using the equipment yourself to facility staff undertaking experiments on your behalf.
We also have the Promega Express Enzyme Freezer and Invitrogen Supply Centre supplying enzymes and cell culture media.

Dr Bill Andrews, Manager w.andrews@ucl.ac.uk
Tel. 020 7679 3368 (extension: 33368)

Room 205A, Anatomy Building

  • The Experion System
  • The NanoDrop ND1000 Spectrophotometer
  • The NanoDrop 2000 Spectrophotometer
  • CFX 96 Real Time System
  • Nucleofector2
  • Eppendorf PCR Mastercycler Gradient
  • MPBio FastPrep Cell Disrupter
  • Polytron Homogeniser
  • Branson 450 Sonicator with various tips
  • Turner BioSystems 20/20 Luminometer
  • Camspec M501 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Bio-tek Absorbance Platereader with Gen5 Data collection and Analysis software.
  • Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS system
  • Gel Documentation system
  • X-O-Graph X-Ray Film Processor
  • New Brunswick orbital shaker
  • Beckman J2-MC High speed Centrifuge, rotors JA10.5, JA20, JA20.1, JA13.1
  • Beckman Optima-L Ultra Centrifuge, rotors 70.1Ti, SW41
  • Eppendorf 5804R Centrifuge, rotors F34-6-38 fixed angle 6x50ml, F45.30.11 fixed angle 30x 1.5/2ml, A-4-44 swing out 4x50ml+16x15/17ml, A-Z-DWP swing out plate
  • RNA Integrity
  • Chemical Competent cells
  • Transformations
  • DNA Isolation mini/midi/maxi
  • RNA Isolation
  • PCR
  • Sequencing Reactions
  • Riboprobes
  • Promega Express Supply Freezer-restriction/modifying enzymes

Please contact Dr Bill Andrews

Training and technical assistance will be provided