UCL Division of Biosciences

Prof Konstantinos Thalassinos

Prof Konstantinos Thalassinos

Professor of Mass Spectrometry

Structural & Molecular Biology

Div of Biosciences

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2010

Research summary

The Thalassinos lab is interested in studying the structure of proteins and protein complexes using a combination of mass spectrometry, ion mobility mass spectrometry and proteomics approaches. It also develops computational tools, when necessary, to process the data obtained. Current research projects involve the study of protein complexes of type IV secretion systems, protein misfolding diseases such as alpha-1 antitrypsin and age related neurodegeneration in Drosophila melanogaster.


University of Warwick
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2006
University of York
Other higher degree, Master of Research | 2002
University of Leicester
First Degree, Bachelor of Science (Honours) | 2001


Kostas moved to the UK in 1998 to study for a BSc in Genetics at the University of Leicester, having completed his high school education in his native Greece.  After graduation he went on to the University of York to undertake a Masters in Bioinformatics, which included a three-month industrial placement writing software to process mass spectrometric data.  Having gained an interest in mass spectrometry, Kostas then went to the University of Warwick in order to pursue a PhD that combined experimental and computational studies in mass spectrometry-based proteomics. After being awarded his PhD in 2006, Kostas was the successful recipient of a one-year Wellcome Trust Value in People Fellowship. Post-doctoral training followed and in 2010 he moved to the Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology at University College London / Birkbeck to take up a lectureship in biophysical mass spectrometry and has been there ever since. In 2015 he was promoted to Senior Lecturer and in 2019 to Professor of mass spectrometry.
His lab is using structural mass spectrometry approaches, especially ion mobility and crosslinking, to study the structure and dynamics of proteins and protein complexes, particularly those involved in protein misfolding diseases.