UCL Division of Biosciences

Ms Melania Jennifer D Angiolo

Ms Melania Jennifer D Angiolo

Research Fellow

Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Div of Biosciences

Joined UCL
9th Feb 2023


Doctorate, Life and Health Sciences |


I studied molecular and cellular biology at the University of Pisa (Italy), where I obtained my Master’s degree in 2016. During my studies, I obtained funding twice from the Erasmus+ programme and moved first to the Department of Genetics at the University of Valencia (Spain), where I analyzed the genome of RNA viruses infecting the crop pest Spodoptera exigua, and then to the Institute for Research on Cancer and Ageing (IRCAN) in Nice (France), where I studied molecular mechanisms of genome evolution in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. After that, I remained at IRCAN for several years to carry out my PhD and postdoc, investigating the impact of telomere length and sequence variation on organismal fitness. In 2023 I joined the laboratory of Prof. Jurg Bahler at the Institute of Healthy Ageing (IHA) and I successfully obtained an EMBO post-doctoral fellowship to carry out my postdoc. In my project at IHA, I am characterizing the role of conserved unknown genes during the ageing process using a combination of experimental and computational approaches.