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Dr Daniel Bayley

Dr Daniel Bayley

Research Fellow

Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Div of Biosciences

Joined UCL
1st Dec 2018

Research summary

My work focusses on developing and applying new technologies for the assessment of marine systems, primarily within tropical coral reef systems. I aim to gain a better understanding of marine ecosystems in order to inform ecological theory and support effective reef management. Specifically, my recent research focuses on the development of emerging image-based technologies to assess changes in coral reef physical structure, community structure, and health through time. This work links into the assessment of the longer-term effects of climatic disturbance on reef structure and function.


I currently work as a postdoctoral researcher at University College London, studying the effects of environmental disturbance and fishery management practices on tropical coral reef fish and coral communities across the Indo-Pacific. I also develop new photography-based technological tools for the monitoring and assessment of reef benthic change. This work follows on from my PhD in collaboration with UCL, the Natural History Museum and ZSL, which focused on assessing the 3D structural change of reefs across the Indo-Pacific region following coral bleaching and fishing damage.

Since completing my BSc in biological science and ecology at Edinburgh University in 2006, I have been working in the field of marine conservation at locations around the world in both the public and private environmental sector. Immediately prior to my PhD, I worked for five years integrating marine research with policy to supply advice to the UK government on the management of our coastal and offshore marine habitats.