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Professor Dave Curtis ranked number 1 in the world in Human Genetics!

2 May 2024

ScholarGPS, a new bibliographic resource for quantifying scholarly activity of scientists has released its results based on published output for the five years to 2022.

Photo of David Curtis

Their assessment methodology values “small science” activity, with the score for each published paper and its associated citations and contribution to h-index being divided by the number of authors on the paper, meaning that papers with one or a small number of authors are accorded higher weights. Papers with more than twenty authors are not considered.

An overall score is assigned based on the geometrical mean of these weighted scores for number of papers, citations and h-index. Using this score, ScholarGPS publishes a list of “Highly Ranked Scholars” and in the specialty of Human Genetics it has ranked UCL Genetics Institute’s Professor Dave Curtis number 1 out of 22,538 researchers worldwide.

The ranking can be viewed here.

The publications this is based on and more detailed analyses can be viewed here.