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CDB DTP student Anitta Chacko wins 1st Prize at BFWG Research Presentation Day

26 May 2023

Congratulations to Anitta Chacko on taking 1st prize at the recent British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG) Research Presentation Day.

photo of Anitta Chacko winning 1st prize

The Research Presentation Day is when the BFWG (British Federation of Women Graduates) invites doctoral students to present their research to a general audience. 

Anitta Chacko (MRC-DTP-iCASE PhD student, Duchen Lab, Research Department of Cell and Developmental Biology) won 1st prize for her presentation, 'Picking the brain apart to gain insight into Primary mitochondrial disorders.'

Primary mitochondrial disease is a set of disorders, caused by pathogenic mutations of nuclear or mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). These disorders are often characterised by low life expectancy, poor quality of life and their detrimental impact on the central nervous system. Unfortunately, at present there is still no cure available. In her research, Anitta uses human induced pluripotent stem cells derived neural cell models harbouring different mtDNA mutations, to begin to dissect how the mutations impact mitochondrial function and neuronal health.

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