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Stern lab publishes a major study on the gene regulatory network for neural induction

14 March 2023

The result of more than 15 years’ work, the Stern lab has published an unprecedented and comprehensive gene regulatory network for neural induction in vivo, in very fine time course, produced by an unbiased method.

During early vertebrate development, signals from a special region of the embryo, the organizer, can re-direct the fate of non-neural ectoderm cells to form a complete, patterned nervous system. This is called neural induction and has generally been imagined as a single signalling event, causing a switch of fate. Here, the Stern lab (UCL Cell and Developmental Biology) undertake a comprehensive analysis, in very fine time-course, of the events following exposure of competent ectoderm of the chick to the organizer (the tip of the primitive streak, Hensen's node).

Trevers, K.E., Lu, H.-C., Yang, Y., Thiery, A.P., Strobl, A.C., Anderson, C., Pálinkášová, B., de Oliveira, N.M.M., de Almeida, I.M., Khan, M.A.F., Moncaut, N., Luscombe, N.M., Dale, L., Streit, A. and Stern, C.D. (2023) A gene regulatory network for neural induction. eLife 12, #e73189.

Read the full article here: https://elifesciences.org/articles/73189