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Inferring human evolutionary history - Jasmin Rees and Dr Aida Andrés

9 March 2022

A perspective on the recent paper by Wohn’s et al, 2020 was published this month in Science, written by PhD student Jasmin Rees and Dr Aida Andrés. 

Picture of Time in Years

This perspective covers the work completed by Wohns et al, highlighting its achievements in integrating datasets from multiple sources (including high-quality ancient genomes) to reconstruct the largest human genealogy to date. This perspective also addresses how this study was able to use information from low-quality ancient human samples to refine estimates, as well as their work to infer the geographic location of human ancestors. Rees and Andrés stress the power of these tree-recording methods, and their likely importance when exploring the evolutionary history of humans, as well as other species.

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 Figure taken from Wohns et al, Science, 2022