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Professor Susan Evans awarded the Biennial Medal of the Palaeontographical Society

21 June 2022

Prof Susan Evans (UCL Cell and Developmental Biology) wasrecently awarded the Palaeontographical Society's Biennial Medal for her work on reptiles and amphibians.

image of the Palaeontographical Society medal

The Palaeontographical Society's prestigious award recognizes sustained and important series of contributions to taxonomic and systematic palaeontology. In particular, the award honours those who have made an exceptional contribution to the micropalaeontology, palaeobotany, or invertebrate or vertebrate palaeontology of the British Isles, including those who have applied these data to solve problems of palaeogeography, palaeoecology and phylogeny.

Professor Susan Evans' research focuses on the evolution of key anatomical features in Lepidosaurs (the reptile group including lizards, snakes and their relatives) and lissamphibians (frogs and salamanders, and their relatives), and on the consequences of these innovations for their temporal and geographical diversification.