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Late side effects of cancer in childhood cancer survivors

23 November 2021

Dr Alvina Lai, Associate Professor at UCL Institute of Health Informatics affiliated with UCL Genetics Institute, has recently published in the Lancet Regional Health, Europe

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People who survive cancer early in their life have higher risks of ill health as they grow older, and these risks vary according to the cancer type and how the cancer was treated, a new UCL-led study has found. The researchers called for these long-term health effects to be considered when young people and their families discuss treatment options with their healthcare team initially. The study found that people who survived cancer had five times as many GP or hospital visits relating to cardiovascular disease by age 45 as a matched control group of people who had not had cancer early in life. They also had much higher numbers of healthcare visits relating to infections, disorders of the immune system, and subsequent cancers


This 2-minute animated video explains the findings of the study through the lens of a childhood cancer survivor in plain language.


This 3-minute video abstract explains the key findings of the study.