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Anya Suppermpool (Rihel lab) wins £200 prize at UCL photo competition

3 February 2021

Congratulations to Anya Suppermpool whose photo 'Synaptic Nightlife' was awarded a runners-up prize in the UCL Doctoral School's annual 'Research Images as Art/Art Images as Research' competition.

Synaptic Nightlife - photo by Anya Suppermpool

Anya's striking image 'Synaptic Nightlife' was captured using a method known as lightsheet microscopy and was awarded a £200 prize after being selected for a runners-up prize from a field over 300 entries drawn from across UCL's graduate programmes. View all the winning entries at the Doctoral School website.

Anya explained that, "at night, while we sleep, our brain cells are busy rearranging their connections to each other, forming and forgetting new and old memories. The ‘Synaptic Nightlife’ was captured using lightsheet microscopy from the hindbrain of a live zebrafish larva at night. We are peaking into the hustle and bustle world of neurons (red and cyan) in creating and disassembling new and old connections called ‘synapses’ (small cyan specks)."