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Hansen lab article on front cover of Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

16 July 2020

Research article by Flemming Hansen and Gogulan Karunanithy (SMB) is featured on the front cover of the ACS Physical Chemistry flagship journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

flemming hansen

The article is titled Multiquantum Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer NMR to Quantify Symmetrical Exchange: Application to Rotational Dynamics of the Guanidinium Group in Arginine Side Chains.

The cover feature describes it as, "A multiquantum chemical exchange saturation transfer NMR approach is presented to characterize systems with symmetrical exchange. The symmetrical rotational exchange of arginine side chains reports on the strength of interactions formed within proteins. The presented approach thus allows insight into the interactions formed by protein side chains, amongst others."

Read the full (open access) paper here.

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