UCL Division of Biosciences


Molecular Interactions Facility

The UCL Molecular Interactions Facility aims to study the solution properties and interactions between macromolecules and their ligands that are important in biochemistry, immunology and biotechnology. To achieve this aim, it has its own on-site instrumentation in terms of two analytical ultracentrifuges (AUC), surface plasmon resonance (Biacore X100) and dual polarisation interferometry (DPI), plus protein purification facilities. Outside UCL, it is a well-established user of the X-ray and neutron scattering beamlines at Diamond and ISIS at the Harwell Research Campus, and the ESRF and ILL in Grenoble, France. The Facility also performs molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo analyses of the resulting AUC and scattering data, and is a major participant in the CCP-SAS project.

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