UCL Division of Biosciences


Sutton Scholars Biology Discovery Day

We had over 100 pupils visit the Division of Biosciences for a Biology Discovery Day. This event was developed in association with The Sutton Trust.

pupil researching plastic pollution

The day centred around the science of ageing, obesity, cell migration and ecology. These are areas that present challenges for both society and scientists: finding cures for Alzheimer's, preventing the onset of diabetes and ridding the sea of the plastics that pollute it.  The students spent the morning attending lectures given by our PhD students on these key subjects.  They then formed groups and created their own posters and gave presentations on what they had learnt.  

What the pupils said

Almost all plastic ends up in the Ocean or on the shore damaging, or even killing, marine animals
You need to study ageing and stem cells to understand cancer
I didn't know that worms shared 90% of their DNA with humans
A hormone called leptin is what makes you feel full after a meal, this is the body's natural way to prevent over-eating
I didn't know that cells could act like magnets and connect


Posters made by the Sutton Trust Scholars