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The Invisible Worlds exhibition

The Invisible Worlds exhibition which opened at the Eden Project in May is a major new permanent exhibition which allows visitors to explore the world beyond their senses. It features some extraordinary artworks, interactive exhibits and hands-on experiments.

Among other highlights, the Invisible Worlds features a variety of microbial projects including aspects of Professor Joanne Santini's research on the positive roles of microbes in the environment such as their use for remediation, biosensors and bio-leaching. One of the arsenic-metabolising organisms Joanne isolated, NT-26 (pictured) is one of the stars of the "Rock Garden" section of the exhibition.

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The Invisible Worlds exhibition

About Professor Joanne Santini

Professor Joanne Santini is a Reader in Microbiology and a co-director of MICROBIOLOGY@UCL consortium which she established with Dr Celia Caulcott in early 2018. Her current research involves the study of microorganisms that metabolise toxic metals and metalloids such as arsenic.