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Evolution of Carbohydrate Digestion Enzymes

Level PhD
Project Evolution of Carbohydrate Digestion Enzymes in Human Populations and their relationship to the Glycaemic Index
Overview The aim of this project is to investigate the evolution of carbohydrate digestion enzymes using genetic data and information on ancestral diets, and to examine the extent to which interindividual differences in glycemic response can be explained by variation in the expression of carbohydrate digestion enzymes. The PhD will involve secondments to Unilever's Colworth House genomics facilities.
Supervisor Prof Mark Thomas
Dr F Bligh
Deadline Applications must be received by 30th April 2011
Please email an up-to-date C.V. (naming at least two referees) and a cover letter explaining your interest in this project.
Funding This BBSRC-CASE studentship, funded by the BBSRC and Unilever, is only available to UK citizens/those who have been resident in the UK for 3 years or more.
Requirements Applicants should have an undergraduate degree (1st or 2.1 honours) and / or a master's degree in one of the following subjects: Genetics, biology, anthropology, maths or computational science. Applicants should also possess some bioinformatics skills or an aptitude of statistical analysis and computer programming.
Contact In the first instance please contact the Laboratory Head, Professor Mark Thomas by email: m.thomas@ucl.ac.uk
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