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CDB Seminar - Prof Rosa Cossart, INSERM Aix-Marseille University

21 March 2024, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

photo of Rosa Cossart

Title: Hippocampal circuit assembly: navigating the interplay between experience and hardwiring.

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Michael Wright – Cell and Developmental Biology

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Talk abstract: The hippocampus supports navigation in the real world and across events of our lives. This is supported by cognitive maps relying on two forms of representation, one that is map-based or allocentric and anchored in the external world (external representation) and the other that is self-referenced or egocentric (internal representation), and requires body movement. Work from our lab and others indicate that the circuits contributing to the balance between external and internal representations in the hippocampus would be partly predetermined by developmental programs.  However, during the perinatal period, the developing hippocampus is mainly driven by bottom-up external environmental and body-derived signals. This presentation aims to unravel the emergence of functional hippocampal circuits over the course of development. Through a synthesis of published and unpublished data, we highlight the dual influence of early developmental programming and ongoing interaction with sensory signals.

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Host: Laurenz Muessig l.mussig@ucl.ac.uk

About the Speaker

Rosa Cossart

Institute Director at INMED at INSERM/Aix-Marseille University

Rosa Cossart is the Director of the Institute of Mediterranean Neurobiology (INMED), affiliated to INSERM and Aix-Marseille University, a pioneering Institute in the field of Systems Developmental Neuroscience.  After graduating in Mathematics and Physics from the Ecole Centrale Paris, she studied the functional rewiring of GABAergic circuits in epilepsy during her PhD with Drs. Bernard and Ben-Ari. As a postdoctoral fellow with Pr. Yuste at Columbia University, she pioneered the use of calcium imaging to study cortical circuit function. Her lab made seminal contributions to the understanding of how development scaffolds hippocampal circuits.  They discovered “hub cells” and more recently “assemblies” forming the functional building blocks of hippocampal function.

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