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GEE Seminar - Professor Salit Kark, The University of Queensland, Australia

10 January 2024, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Title: 'Urbanization, isolation and invasion shape biodiversity conservation in a changing world'

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Amy Godfrey


Main Building, A1/3
Physics Building

Academic Host: Tim Blackburn
Abstract: The seminar will present our work on how urbanisation and biotic invasions are shaping biodiversity, with focus on Australia. I will discuss spatial patterns of avian invasion, interactions between native and introduced cavity users (mammals and birds) around natural cavities, nest boxes, and aggression in Australian birds. I will address urban conservation, airspace conservation etc from The Land Down Under.

About the Speaker

Professor Salit Kark

at The University of Queensland, Australia

The Biodiversity Research Group is a dynamic research team led by Professor Salit Kark at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia with interests in conservation science, ecology and biodiversity. The Kark Group works on a range of conservation, environmental and ecological aspects and collaborates with multiple groups worldwide across terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems and across spatial scales, ranging from regional to global to help solve key environmental questions, ecological, sustainability and conservation challenges around the Planet. We mentor and train future generations of conservation scientists and practitioners, working with local communities and partners internationally to enhance conservation that supports livelihoods and communities.

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