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CBER External Seminar - Dr Christopher Trisos, University of Cape Town

20 September 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm


Title: 'IPCC Key Messages, Knowledge Gaps, and Potential Ways Forward'

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Amy Godfrey


G01 Lankester LT
Medawar Building

Abstract: This talk will discuss key assessment findings and policy choices from across the recently concluded IPCC 6th Assessment Cycle, especially from a developing country perspective. It will then consider where important knowledge gaps remain – particularly for synthesizing information across climate risk, adaptation, and mitigation – and will end with suggested research priorities and research support needs related to the upcoming IPCC 7th Assessment Cycle.

About the Speaker

Dr Chris Trisos

Principal Investigator at University of Cape Town

Dr Christopher Trisos directs the Climate Risk Lab based in the African Climate and Development Initiative at University of Cape Town. His research focus is understanding climate change risks to ecosystems and people, as well as how to adapt to reduce risks. Examples of this work include: forecasting climate change risks to human health, heritage, and biodiversity; tracking finance for adaptation; and developing frameworks to understand multiple, interconnected risks. Dr. Trisos was Coordinating Lead Author of the IPCC Working Group II Report chapter on African Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. He was also a Core Writing Team Member for the IPCC Synthesis Report, where he was co-lead of the section on near-term responses to climate change. He is an author on the Summary for Policymakers of these IPCC reports. Dr Trisos has consulted widely on climate change risks and adaptation options, including for the World Bank, U.N. Environment Programme, and the African Union. He is co-author of a climate change choose-your-own adventure game called ‘Survive the Century’ – you can play it here

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