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UGI External Seminar - Dr Lingzhao Fang - The University of Edinburgh

18 May 2022, 3:00 pm–4:00 pm

Dr Lingzhao Fang

Title : Farm animal Genotype-Tissue Expression (FarmGTEx) project

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Abstract: The systematic characterization of genomic variants regulating the transcriptome of livestock is essential for interpreting the molecular mechanisms underlying complex traits of economic value, understanding adaptive evolution and domestication, optimising genetic improvement programmes and allowing comparative genomics studies. The Farm Animal Genotype-Tissue Expression (FarmGTEx) project, an international collaborative endeavour, aims to provide a comprehensive public resource of tissue-specific gene expression and genetic regulation (e.g., expression quantitative trait loci, eQTLs) in livestock species. By pulling together publicly available data from various sources, the pilot phase of FarmGTEx describes the landscape of the transcriptome across tissues and report hundreds of thousands of cis- and trans- genetic associations with gene expression and alternative splicing. It also provide direct evidence of their relevance to dissect the genetic architecture underlying complex traits and improve genomic selection.

About the Speaker

Dr Lingzhao Fang

Post Doctoral Researcher at The University of Edinburgh

Lingzhao obtained his master degree on animal genetics and breeding at China Agricultural University. He completed his PhD on quantitative genetics at Aarhus University and China Agricultural University jointly. Subsequently, he did his first postdoc research on bioinformatics and quantitative genetics in USDA and University of Maryland. After that, he joined the group of Albert Tenesa at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer at University of Edinburgh as a Train@Ed Research Fellow.


He is interested in harnessing the wealth of information in “omics” data to understand the genetic and biological basis of complex traits and diseases in both animals and humans.


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