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CDB Seminar - Leanne Jones, University of California, San Francisco

07 July 2022, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

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Title: Age-related changes to intestinal stem cells and the stem cell niche

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Michael Wright – Cell and Developmental Biology

Abstract: Adult stem cells support tissue homeostasis and repair throughout the life of an individual. Numerous changes occur with age that result in altered stem cell behavior and reduced tissue maintenance and regeneration.  Changes can be cell autonomous including changes in cell cycle progression, decreased bioenergetic efficiency, increased DNA damage, and epigenetic alterations.  In addition, poorly understood changes to the local and systemic environments occur that result in decreased stem cell activity or alterations in commitment or differentiation potential. We couple investigations using Drosophila melanogaster and mammalian systems to uncover conserved mechanisms regulating stem cell aging and to explore how cellular and tissue aging impact longevity.  We have compared age-related changes to germline and intestinal stem cells and present strategies to counter age-related changes in both tissues. Understanding the mechanistic basis for intrinsic and extrinsic age-related changes will facilitate stem cell-based therapies to treat age-onset and degenerative diseases in older individuals.

Host: Marc Amoyel

Zoom: https://ucl.zoom.us/j/97913027309?pwd=VS9leThVTlFZNHlMc242WUduRktPdz09

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About the Speaker

Leanne Jones

Professor of Anatomy at University of California, San Francisco

The Jones Lab primary goal is characterizing fundamental mechanisms that are involved in regulating stem cell behavior.  Once such mechanisms are established, we are interested in understanding how these mechanisms are altered by organismal aging or chronic or acute changes in metabolism, leading to age-onset diseases, such as cancer.

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