UCL Division of Biosciences


Current Research

Gastrointestinal Diseases

Ultimately our aim is to develop in vivo FT-IR ATR spectroscopy tools to diagnose early stage oesophageal cancer.

Currently we are working with UCLH to collect fresh biopsies to expand our data set. In collaboration with Professor Mark Girolami in the Dept. of Statistics UCL, we are developing robust statistical algorithms to analyse and classify spectra.

Renal Diseases

We are investigating the use of vibrational infrared spectroscopy for the detection and quantitation of clinically relevant compounds in urine. We are currently developing methods to measure urinary cystine in cystinuric patients, with intention to expand the investigation to other renal diseases. Combining attenuated total reflection (ATR) technology with Fourier Transform IR spectroscopy we are able to quickly and easily measure whole urine samples.

We work in close collaboration with Professor Robert Unwin at the Royal Free Hospital renal clinic where we are installing a benchtop spectrometer for routine collection of urine samples spectra.