UCL Division of Biosciences


Public Engagement

The researchers in Cell and Developmental Biology (CDB) are committed to sharing our science with the public and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

We strive to introduce students from all backgrounds to the biological sciences. Several CDB members mentor students from schools throughout London through the in2scienceuk programme.

Additionally, many of our researchers are focused on projects that directly impact our understanding of common human diseases. As they work toward understanding causes and developing therapeutic treatments, they share their results with patient focused groups: 

  • Action Duchenne and Muscular Dystrophy UK- Francesco Saverio Tedesco 
  • Enfield Arthritis Social Group- Sandrine Géranton 
  • Alzheimer’s Society - Patricia C. Salinas 

You can catch us presenting our research through a variety of TV, Radio, and YouTube appearances: 

  • Jason Rihel appeared on Channel 4's programme, "Live Well for Longer".
  • Claudio Stern explains how, despite their identical genetic inheritance, dividing cells commit themselves to becoming different body parts on BBC Radio 4.
  • Jason Rhiel tell us how he investigates what makes us sleepy using zebrafish on the Naked Scientist Podcast.
  • Laura Porro is interviewed about her discovery of a new dinosaur species.