UCL Division of Biosciences


Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdocs are a central element of academic life in CDB. If you’re thinking of joining us or are already part of the team, we can support you with training and information about opportunities for funding and development.

CDB is home to more than 50 postdocs, ranging from newly graduated PhD students to individuals about to make the jump to independence. Our postdoctoral representatives play a key role promoting the ECR community with CDB and beyond, they are likely to be the first point of call if you have specific questions. Beyond that CDB and the Division of Biosciences provide range of training, career development, and funding opportunities. Come and meet us at the divisional postdoc coffee break, every other Tuesday.


Our Postdoctoral Representatives

The CDB representatives meet once a month with the wider Division of Biosciences Postdoc Committee to arrange events, address issues, and plan for the future. Email the Biosciences Postdoc  committee (biosciences.postdocreps@ucl.ac.uk) or alternatively contact the CDB representatives directly.


photo of jonas hartmann

Jonas Hartmann

I combine microscopy, theory and computation to study self-organization in cellular and developmental systems. As a postdoc in the Mayor lab, I'm investigating the interplay of cell mechanics and cell fate in zebrafish neural crest cells. I'm based in the Anatomy building but best reached via email. jonas.hartmann@ucl.ac.uk


photo of Laurenz Muessig

Laurenz Muessig

I am a postdoc in Thomas Wills’ lab and my main interest is to understand how and when the ability of neural circuits to form long-term memories emerges in early life. In the lab our model system is the study of the functional development of the hippocampal formation and its associated cortices in rodents and our weapon of choice is in vivo electrophysiology. By measuring the activity of large ensembles of neurons during different kinds of behaviour, we hope to make some progress in understanding how these circuits acquire their respective functions and at the same time understand better how they work in adult animals. I am based on the 3rd floor of the Rockefeller building but you can also reach me at l.mussig@ucl.ac.uk


photo of Tanushree kundu CDB postdoc rep

Tanushree Kundu

I work on uncovering the dynamics and function of a recently discovered cell type and its role in sleep/wake behavior. I use a combination of techniques to investigate the role of this cell type in waste clearance during sleep in zebrafish. Though my official location is the first floor of the anatomy building, I am often found lurking in the dark corner of a microscope. t.kundu@ucl.ac.uk

photo of grace lu

Grace Lu

I am a postdoc in the Stern lab. Currently, my primary research focus is to understand the mechanisms that regulate cells to adopt cell identity and the underlying gene networks that orchestrate this (Gene Regulatory Networks) by developing tools and applying new approaches combining comparative genomics and machine learning methods to address challenging but fundamental biological questions. I am based in the Anatomy building and can be reached via email g.lu@ucl.ac.uk