Biosafety Design Initiative


Philip Astley 

Course Director


Philip Astley BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA

Phil is a Chartered Architect and Honorary Research Fellow at The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, University College London. 

Principal Investigator on three UK Research Council studies, including 'Controlling Hospital Infection: Design and Management Guidelines' and 'Planning for Operationally Ready Healthcare Infrastructure'. He is lead author for the Royal College of Emergency Medicine on 'Spatial Design for Emergency Departments' (2015-17), incorporating new concepts for adaptable multi-acuity design for emergency care. 

Phil works closely with industry on project requirements. He is experienced in post-project evaluation recently completing studies on a major children's surgical hospital and currently at the High Level Isolation Unit in London.

Phil is working with the Centre for Clinical Microbiology on 'Detect and Prevent' Design of Diagnostic Environments for the Early Detection and Prevention of TB Transmission in Custodial Space: a UK and Tanzanian multi-agency publication, UCL (2016)

Phil was Course Director for 8 years, MSc Planning Buildings for Health at Medical Architecture Research Unit. He publishes and is a visiting speaker and lecturer at international conferences and universities. He is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Johannesburg, and resident in UK and South Africa where he is involved in developing project processes and design requirements for biotechnical laboratories in Cape Town.