Biosafety Design Initiative



The introduction of new biomedical technologies is rapidly changing the way we plan operational processes, design space, screen, monitor and communicate the patient's progress. 

Our research addresses the following questions to reduce transmission of infectious diseases in the environment:

  • How in those environments will we be able to design new technologies, systems and treatments?
  • How best to measure, design and evaluate the buildings and systems we have but also not just accept the status quo?

Our research encompasses all diagnostic, treatment and investigative environments, including emergency care, biotechnical and pharmaceutical laboratories, high level security treatment units, general wards and intensive care units, theatres, diagnostics in custodial care, mobile screening and testing in health clinics, medical respite care. 

The research considers environments for the isolation, diagnosis and treatment of infectious and infected patients as well as protection of medical and nursing teams. The focus is the investigation by multidisciplinary teams for the prevention of cross-infection and transmission within a facility, or of the risk to the general community to infectious disease outbreak.